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EgyptianSun Intermediate Bellydance

Intermediates meet every Saturday from 5pm-7pm in the Mattin Center Dance Studio

Please remember to bring something upon which you can kneel for a short period of time (kneepads, yoga mat, etc.) and check which props will be used which days

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Fall 2011 Class Outlines
Fall 2010 Class Outlines
Spring 2010 Class Outlines
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Shahrzad's Bellydance Store
Those who are picking out their first bra and belt set please keep in mind that while we have a wide variety of bra and belt sets in the troupe to which we do try and stick:
     Beaded sets (more beads than sequins although sequins are welcome), i.e. this style or this style or this style, and not this style or an entire bra and belt set made with the larger sequins you see in not this style.
     Circular skirt/Panel3-4 Panel Skirt/Petal skirt/Gored skirt/Flared skirt; chiffon or other material; 0-4 slits, i.e. not this skirt and not this skirt
     Note that you can sew your own skirt fairly easily;
     I don't recommend trying to set a bra and belt--even with sequin tape it takes forever
     Remember that Sharzad does do layaway and that EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO ALTER THEIR COSTUME--it never fits perfectly so please budget time for this. Note that if your costume is a bit small on the top or shows more cleavage than you would like, you can usually use your head/wrist bands to fill that in a bit.
     There are always other troupe members and members in the DC/Baltimore Bellydance community looking to sell old (but perfectly usable) costumes to buy new ones--so if $195 is out of your price range, think about buying a used one, or speaking with me about finding one you can borrow for the show.
     Your entire costume should include Bra, Belt, Veil, and Skirt; note when you are buying your costume whether or not you will have to buy or make a skirt if it does not come with the bra and belt. Please pass pictures onto me before you buy anything online. Keep in mind that shipping WILL take longer than expected (especially from the Middle East--plan 4 months ahead) and you will have to alter your own costume once you receive it. Luckily we've hit you in time for a holiday gift (usually we have more time to worry about this before the show).
Other recommended websites:
     BHUZ costume swaps--resale
     Topkapi starting at $199
     Neckelmanns starting at $225
     Atlanta starts at $90
     Turkish Emporium starts at $60
     Lila starts at $160
     BellydanceShop starts at $199
      starts at $199
BellydanceShop starts at $179
     Pyramid Imports starting at $198
     Unicorn starts at $200
     SalomesTent starts at $195 can't seem to find the new link; maybe site's down for a bit
     DancingRahana starts at $195
     Dahlal starts at $165, but really this is just for drooling
If this is all still too much, please feel free to check out ebay (just pass pictures through me), or ask classmates/troupemates if anyone is looking to sell an old costume while looking to upgrade this year.

Bellydance Performances near and not-so-near JHU

Links online; please note that the following categories are generalizations of bellydance styles and do not encompass all the styles to be found.

Same choreography on a male and female body
Modern Lebanese Cabaret
     Jihan Al Masri
     Mousbah Baalbaki male bellydancer
Modern Egyptian Cabaret
     Soheir Zaki
     Male Bellydancer Tito
     Unknown male bellydancer
     Asi Haskal from Israel
Modern Turkish Cabaret
     Didem, Didem 2
     Turkish Male Bellydancer Ozgen
Golden Era Egyptian Cabaret
     Samia Gamal
     Na'ema Akef
     Not from era; more classical than not though. Amir Thaleb male bellydancer
Golden Era Turkish Cabaret
     Aysel Tanju
     Kudret Sandra (Sandrali) male bellydancer
Modern fusion
     Suhaila Salimpour
     Prince Andrew male bellydancer
American Triban Fusion
     Rachel Brice
     Zoe Jakes
     Tahtib Men
     Men and Women Khaleegy followed by Saidi/Tahtib      

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