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Howard Community College Beginning Bellydance

Winter 2012 meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 12-2pm in Room HVPA 110

Winter 2012 Syllabus PDF
Written Assignment; Grading will be based on a less formal version of Rubric 1 found here
Dilli Duduk Midterm Choreography PDF. Download the mp3 from itunes or amazon.com; it is Dilli Duduk by Tarkan. Dilli Duduk on YouTube Dilli Duduk Cut 5% slow, Dilli Duduk Cut 10% slow
Links to Online performances for critique assignment are at the very bottom of this page
A regularly-updated list of weekly and live bellydance performances can be found here.

Clarification: Midterm performances in class will be either a group performance or a solo performance (your choice) of the Dilli Duduk Choreography

Final Performances in class on January 26th will be explained by Naimah Tuesday January 17th

Where to find good belly dance music. Shems Music List 1 and Shems Music List 2, Arabic pop music free sign up. Some artists for Arabic pop: Amr Diab, Ehab Tawfiq, Tamer Hosny, Myriam Faris, Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Haifa (sometimes multiple spellings)

Class I: January 3rd 12-2:15pm!
Posture, isolation, slides, circles, umie, accents
The Kingdom Choreography
Abs and Glutes
Homework:     Watch BellydanceSuperstars clip here and note the different styles: Rachel Brice is American Tribal Fusion, and Amar Gamal and Ansuya are various styles of Cabaret. This clip has Ansuya explaining one method of creating a zaghareet. Also watch this clip to really get the sound in your ear.

Class II: January 4th 12-2:15pm!
Hands and arms, mayas, guci (taksim)
The Kingdom Choreography
Abs and Glutes
Homework:     Listen to a clip of the Beladi rhythm and tap or speak along. Beladi/Baladii/Beledi/Belady in addition to a specific move and style in bellydance, this is the most pervasive Middle Eastern rhythm in modern bellydance. It sounds; Dum-Dum-tek a tek-Dum-tek a tek (tek a) and repeats. " Dum" is a heavier sound found on the downbeat, "tek" is a lighter, "filler" sound. It is a more folksy version of the basic Middle Eastern maqsuum rhythm and translates roughly as "of the country" or "old fashioned." Listen to clip of Beladi rhythm and attempt to tap along with it. More information about all the basic Middle Eastern rhythms, their simple and filled-in sounds can be found here for those who may be interested.

Class III: January 5th 12-2:30pm!
Accents/drops and lifts, shimmies
The Kingdom Choreography
Abs and Glutes

Class IV: January 9th 12-2:30pm!
Bodywave and undulation
The Kingdom Choreography
Abs and Glutes

Class V: January 10th 12-2:30pm!

Class VI: January 11th 12-2pm
In class group Midterm Performances
Critique is due in-class or via email by midnight.

Class VII: NO CLASS JANUARY 12TH (time redistributed January 3rd-11th)


Class VIII: January 17th
Naimah Tribal Bellydance

Class IX: January 18th
Naimah Tribal Bellydance

Class X: January 19th
Naimah Tribal Bellydance

Class XI: January 23rd

Class XII: January 24th
Naimah Tribal Bellydance

Class XIII: January 25th
Naimah Tribal Bellydance

Class XIV: January 26th
Naimah Tribal Bellydance

Belly work links:
Stomach Flutters
Flipping Coins with roll
Flipping Coins with roll
Pouring Shot Glasses with roll
Diagonal bellyroll and side work
Hatha Yoga abdominal isolations and rotations; side roll
Sword flip with isolation, roll, and circle
Boubouka, Greek bellydancer and burlesque dancer (hence the extra leg showing and the pelvic moves), clip from 1964

Links online for critique assignment; please note that the following categories are generalizations of bellydance styles.

Same choreography on a male and female body

Modern Lebanese Cabaret
     Jihan Al Masri
     Mousbah Baalbaki male bellydancer
Modern Egyptian Cabaret
     Soheir Zaki
     Male Bellydancer Tito
     Unknown male bellydancer
     Asi Haskal from Israel
Modern Turkish Cabaret
     Didem, Didem 2
     Turkish Male Bellydancer Ozgen
Golden Era Egyptian Cabaret
     Samia Gamal
     Na'ema Akef
     Not from era; more classical than not though. Amir Thaleb male bellydancer
Golden Era Turkish Cabaret
     Aysel Tanju
     Kudret Sandra (Sandrali) male bellydancer
Modern fusion
     Suhaila Salimpour
     Prince Andrew male bellydancer
American Triban Fusion
     Rachel Brice
     Zoe Jakes
     Tahtib Men
     Men and Women Khaleegy followed by Saidi/Tahtib


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