Kateri Belly Dance    

Howard Community College Intermediate Bellydance

Fall 2011 meets Thursdays 6:30-8:20pm in Room HVPA 110

Fall 2011 Syllabus and Written Assignment PDF
Written Assignment Grading will be based on a less formal version of Rubric 1

A regularly-updated list of weekly and live bellydance performances can be found here.

Where to find good belly dance music:
Shems Music List 1 and Shems Music List 2, Arabic pop music free sign up. Some artists for Arabic pop: Amr Diab, Ehab Tawfiq, Tamer Hosny, Myriam Faris, Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Haifa (sometimes multiple spellings)

First Day Clips: Cabaret and Not

Class I: September 1st
Egyptian Choreography PDF
Download the mp3 for on itunes, or amazon.com; it is Shik Shak Shok by Hassan Abou El Seoud YouTube 0:00-1:46. 5% Slower, 10% Slower, and 15% Slower.
Egyptian Cabaret clips: Dina veil and Naima Akef veil
Article 1 about Badia Masabny and Egyptian Cabaret's Modern Evolution

Class II: September 8th
Classical Oriental clips: Fifi Abdo veil and Tito's Egyptian Fusion Duet
Article 2: Read the top section Egyptian Style Oriental Dance on Shems' page

Class III: September 15th
In-class group performance I
ATS Musical Breakdown, buy The Huntress by Gypsy Caravan on itunes or amazon.com MySpace
ATS clips: Silver Wolf Clan zill and WildCard zill
Article 3: Zill basic information
If you are buying your first pair of zills, I recommend going for a small to medium size (the bigger, the heavier--not conducive to relaxed learning if you're muscling through the motions). Make sure to get something with engraving if you're buying sight-unseen or don't know much about zills--this will prevent you from getting the plated "circus monkey" kind that will sound tinny and may chip the plating if your'e a rigorous player. Saroyan has a good selection; if you look elsewhere make sure you buy 4 (2 for each hand).

Class IV: September 22nd
Listen to a clip of the Beladi rhythm and attempt to tap along with it. Listen here to Maqsum, Beladi, Saidi, Ciftitelli, Masmudi, and Karsilama (further down) at a higher speed.

You are invited to Launa's ATS class Friday September 30th 1-3pm

Class V: October 6th
Turkish clips: Didem and Tulay Karaca with zills
Article 4: Turkish Bellydance

Class VI: October 13th
In-class performance of ATS "Choreography"
American Restaurant/Vintage Oriental clips: Aziza veil and Ansuya zill
Article 5: Shira.net's style breakdown
Turkish Choreography to the second part of Shik Shak Shok
Bellydance Veil-making help and breakdown of Butterfly Wings

Class VII: October 20th
Romany clips: Silk Road Persian Veil, Uzbek dance, and Rom dance

Class VIII: October 27th
Folkloric Clips: Karen Sun Ray and Djamila with cane

Class IX: November 3rd:
Folkloric Choreography to Gates of Istanbul by Loreena McKennit available on itunes and amazon.com or YouTube
Homework:  Read and be prepared to discuss the Bellydance Timeline part I.

Class X: November 10th
Homework:  Read and be prepared to discuss the Bellydance Timeline part 2.

Class XI: November 17th
Homework:  Read and be prepared to discuss the Bellydance Timeline part 3, practice Folkloric choreography, and decide upon Final Performance Music.

NO CLASS November 24th

Class XII: December 1st
In-class performance of Folkloric Choreography

Class XIII: December 8th
Come to your assigned half of class and coaching
Individual timeslot coachings for final performances:

Class XIV: December 15th
Final in-class performances
ATS song Amel
Entire Shik Shak Shok

Belly work links:
Stomach Flutters
Flipping Coins with roll
Flipping Coins with roll
Pouring Shot Glasses with roll
Diagonal bellyroll and side work
Hatha Yoga abdominal isolations and rotations; side roll
Sword flip with isolation, roll, and circle
Boubouka, Greek bellydancer and burlesque dancer (hence the extra leg showing and the pelvic moves), clip from 1964

Links online; please note that the following categories are generalizations of bellydance styles.

Same choreography on a male and female body

Modern Lebanese Cabaret
     Jihan Al Masri
     Mousbah Baalbaki male bellydancer
Modern Egyptian Cabaret
     Soheir Zaki
     Male Bellydancer Tito
     Unknown male bellydancer
     Asi Haskal from Israel
Modern Turkish Cabaret
     Didem, Didem 2
     Turkish Male Bellydancer Ozgen
Golden Era Egyptian Cabaret
     Samia Gamal
     Na'ema Akef
     Not from era; more classical than not though. Amir Thaleb male bellydancer
Golden Era Turkish Cabaret
     Aysel Tanju
     Kudret Sandra (Sandrali) male bellydancer
Modern fusion
     Suhaila Salimpour
     Prince Andrew male bellydancer
American Triban Fusion
     Rachel Brice
     Zoe Jakes
     Tahtib Men
     Men and Women Khaleegy followed by Saidi/Tahtib


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