Kateri Belly Dance    

Howard Community College Bellydance Practicum

Spring 2010 meets every Friday from 3-?pm

Spring 2010 Syllabus PDF

Class I: February 5th

Class II: February 12th

Cheapest Scimitar options (props can be provided for in-class if you prefer not to purchase your own): Balady Scimitar $44.95
Iberia Scimitar $99.95
Moorish Scimitar $39.95
Inspirational Clip of the Week:
Egads can Zoe perform
Performance Opportunity for Individual Project Consideration:
Belly Horror October 22nd, Trailer from 2009 Proposals will be accepted until April 1, 2010.

Class III:

Class IV:

Listen to clip of Beladi rhythm and attempt to tap along with it. More information about all the basic Middle Eastern rhythms, their simple and filled-in sounds can be found here for those who may be interested.

Class V:

Class VI:

Class VII:

Class VIII:

Class IX:

Class X:

Class XI:

Class XII:

Class XIII:

Class XIV:


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