Dancing on the Edge:
Hips and Whips

A Sword and Whip Workshop
with Lewis Shaw, Scot Mann, and Kelly Martin
Hips and Whips Teaser Whip Video 

May 22nd-23rd, 2010
Howard Community College
10901 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia, MD 21044

This workshop will integrate the use of the bellydancing saber or scimitar into a theatrical stylized concept of drama, danger, or violence and similarly introduce the bullwhip as a dancing prop. Simulated fighting will be included in swordwork; weapons will be provided but previous saber or scimitar-handling experience is recommended. Previous whip work is not expected.

Please contact Kateri at 443.527.6116 or Kateri.C@gmail.com
for more information or to register for this workshop

Updated Schedule:

     Basic Whip: Cracks

In this workshop, Scot and Kelly will explain the basic principles of whip work and will teach basic cracks. This class is appropriate for all levels of dancers; whips and protective eyewear will be provided.
     Enhancing Swordplay
Add the Illusion of Danger, Drama, or Violence by learning how the saber and scimitar were meant to be used: In this workshop, Lewis will explain the original intention behind the saber and scimitar and demonstrate basic fighting shapes. He will teach basic footwork, ergonomic handling of the sword, non-balancing positions appropriate for bellydancing, and transitions from basic balancing to "attack" positions. This class is appropriate for all levels of dancers; sabers will be provided but you may bring your own.

     Whip Continued: Wraps

In this workshop, Scot will continue work on basic cracks and begin work on body wraps. To take this class you must have either attended Scot's Saturday workshop or have previous experience with bull or cow whips; whips will be provided.

     Scimitar and Saber: Stage combat and troupe choreography
In this workshop, Lewis will continue to add dynamics to swordplay and add patterns with partners, basic safe stage combat choreography suitable for bellydancing, and troupe work. Fight-ready swords will be provided

     Basic Whip: Cracks
     Enhancing Swordplay

     Whip Continued: Wraps
     Scimitar and Saber: Stage combat and troupe choreography

Weapons and Props:

Both whips (of varying materials and lengths) and swords (steel-bladed sabers designed and grooved for both balance work as well as stage combat) will be provided throughout the workshop.
You may purchase a custom-made Vulcan's Forge Bellydance Sword before the workshop or after trying his weapons out in the workshop (prices vary according to material and intricacy of design).
You may purchase a whip for $90 plus shipping from Western Stage Props and Mark Allen if you are really excited about this workshop (this is a cheaper model and easy to care for whip) or come try the workshop and see if you'd like to invest in this prop after.


With Registration (25% in advance):

$150      Any 4 classes; 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday
$125      Any 3 classes of either whip or sword
$85      Any 2 classes (can be 1 on each day or both on 1 day)
$50      Just 1 class

At the door:

$175      2 day workshop of 4 classes
$150      any 3 classes
$110      Any 2 classes (can be 1 on each day or both on 1 day)
$75      Just 1 class

To register, you may use paypal (email Kateri.C@gmail.com to request an invoice)


Scot J. Mann is an actor, director and nationally recognized Fight Director with the Society of American Fight Directors. He has choreographed, performed, and instructed Stage Combat around the U.S. Southeastern credits include the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, The Alliance Theatre Company, The Atlanta Opera, The Georgia Shakespeare Festival, The Seaside Music Theatre, The Hippodrome Theatre, and the outdoor drama Unto These Hills. Mr. Mann is the founder, Executive Director and Master Instructor of the Atlanta Stage Combat Studio, a member of the Association of Theatre Movement Educators and holds an MFA in Acting through the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Short You Tube clip of Scot with a Bullwhip

Lewis Shaw-Fight Director-is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors. He has choreographed violence for hundreds of theatre, television, and opera productions all over the English-speaking world, including The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, The Baltimore Opera and The Globe Theatre in London. Lewis is a member of the Design Company at Baltimore's Everyman Theatre. The stage weapons he creates through Vulcan's Forge appear in productions the world over from Japan to Broadway. He lives in Baltimore with his two wonderful sons.

Kelly is a recognized Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD), and the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat (BASSC), as well as a proud member of Actor's Equity and SAG. She works primarily as a freelance actor and stunt person/fight choreographer, as well as a dance choreographer. She most recently choreographed the dances for Fiddler on the Roof at the Grand Opera House in Macon, GA. Regional Theatre credits include The Alliance Theatre, The Horizon Theatre, New Stage Theatre, Mill Mountain Theatre, Southern Arena Theatre, The Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and Georgia Shakespeare Festival. She is also a member of the North Carolina Stuntmen's Association, and was a part of the stunt team for the feature film Eyeborgs starring Adrian Paul and Danny Trejo.

Scimitars and sabers come with steel blades grooved for balance.
Swords can be produced with stingray, hand-dyed leather, figured leather, and wire wrap grips.
Contact Vulcan's Forge for sword and leather pricing information


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Howard Community College Map;
workshop to be held in the HVPA i.e. Peter and Elizabeth Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center; park in Lot G

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